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Highlight Reel

If you’ve spent any time online recently (which you have since you’re reading this) then chances are that you’ve been exposed to some great marketing ideas from at least several companies. It can be inspiring to see the ideas that these companies come up with to market their products but frequently we are left with […]

Easy To Make Life Hard

Here comes the first real “writing” I’ve done in a while. Over the past couple of months I really felt like I had lost something, or it seemed as though something was missing. It didn’t make sense to me because I had always felt a sense of pride for having the ability to see what […]


I recently had an opportunity to guest write for a friend of mine, Ami Fiedler, President/Owner of Winky Boo LLC. Winky Boo is a fellow clothing company and blog in which the most recent post featured various clothing brand owners, including Nick Hammond Design, in order to shed some light on mistakes. As everyone knows, […]