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Fall/Winter Clothing Line: Release Date

That’s right folks, the much anticipated release of the Fall/Winter line of clothing is due to drop on October 16th. And you heard it straight from the source. That Sunday night you’ll be able to order your favorite items direct from our “Store” tab. Not only that but we’ll be giving away a couple coupon […]

What A Joke

Recently I’ve encountered problems with some pretty well known companies. One in particular. Without going into too much detail about which they are, AT&T COUGH COUGH, I’ll tell you a bit about why they’re following a trend that seems to be sweeping the nation as of recently.   Why is this post entitled “What A […]

Sneak Peek/Band Update

HeavyArms In HeavyTimes Volume VI on Vimeo. ^^^Watch   Well folks, its about that time again; summer. The time of the year when bands go crazy and step up their game with a ton of new shows, merch, tours, and if they really kick some butt a sponsorship. Here at Nick Hammond Design/NHD Clothing we […]