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The Post-College Era

Lets take a look at three major attributes that you NEED to have in order to thrive in the real world: 1. To be able to think for yourself. In college you are constantly taught, over and over again, how to think in order to get a better grade. Most of the time, though, the […]

Think For Yourself

Over the past few days in particular, I’ve come to realize that you have to be able to think for yourself. Too many people go through day to day life without intending their tomorrow and, in some situations, this idea seems like it’s one big secret.   Going to work all day at a job […]

Learn To Think For Yourself

(Picture courtesy of Nikos T.)   First and foremost, a little background information: I’ve been in Graphic Design classes for the entirety of my college career up until now. Having already gained, in my personal opinion, the experiences needed to not only thrive in the design community but to come out on top I felt […]