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Sucking & Harsh Critiques

Being the guy that has problems with authority figures I often find myself getting upset at the advice I’m given. Part of that is just me needing to always question things in order to find the best answer or solution. BUT. Part of that is also me turning a blind eye to what I could […]


Here and there I decide to spread a good message by giving away things for free. Normally this occurs on the Nick Hammond Design Facebook and/or Twitter page. Well today is your lucky day! For a limited time the “Envy” posters will be available on the online store at NickHammondDesign.com/store-2 for 0$. That’s right! They’re […]

Failing: New Years Resolutions

After having delved into the book entitled “I’m Feeling Lucky”, none other than the inside accounts of a Google employee, I realized what I had been missing in my new years resolutions. In the past, I had always told myself I didn’t need new years resolutions. Why? Well, because I thought it was easier to […]