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Smaller Is Better

As I become more and more involved with business, marketing, design and even life in general, the easier it has been for me to see that smaller is better.   In business and marketing, starting with a small group of people that understand what drives you is a key concept. If you don’t have a […]

What’s Stopping You?

A lot of the times , when we’re confronted with a chance at pursuing something we love, we back down. We say no. Why is that? In my experience it’s because we have a bunch of pre-loaded excuses in our brains. However, when you break down these excuses, you quickly begin to realize that they […]

Financial Inaction

As of lately I have been becoming increasingly involved with finances both in classes and in potential business plans. One of the overarching themes of finance comes in the idea that you need to have a detailed plan in order to move forward. To me, this is odd and appears to be the basis for […]