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The Map…

I heard a great quote the other day. It was so great, in fact, that it made me want to create a little graphic out of it. “The Map Is Not The Territory” To me, this was probably one of the most freeing things I have ever heard. It helps remind you that no matter […]

3 Steps To Artistry

As the summer starts to wind to an end I can’t help but look back at all of the design projects I have created in the past couple of months. While doing this I always try to critique myself on what I could have, and should have, done better in an effort to hone my […]

Goin’ for Gold

Our sponsored/endorsed band Heavyarms played a show last week right here at The Rave in Milwaukee, WI. In attendance was the likes of The Color Morale, Chiodos and, as seen in the youtube video above, Close To Home. Not only did the Heavyarms guys absolutely tear the stage apart and rep Nick Hammond Design proudly, […]