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The Wait Is Over: Fall/Winter Official Clothing Line

Here it is, what you’ve all been waiting for. The Fall/Winter line of clothing. But before you go looking down for the eye candy (I know, you can’t wait) take a few seconds to appreciate the time, effort, and most of all, love, that was put into everything below. After having released the first indie […]

Clothing Release: Final Teaser

Here it is, the final teaser for the Fall/Winter line clothing release. Next sunday, October 16th, I will be online starting at 7pm (central standard time), when the line is officially released, in order to answer any of your questions regarding sizing, designs, pricing and anything under the sun. You’ll be able to get ahold […]

The Final Countdown

As the date draws closer for the release of the Fall/Winter line of clothing we decided to give you another shot at what we have in store. This past weekend we were lucky enough to travel to a show with our sponsored band Heavyarms, which you can find on our “Team” page, and sell some […]