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The Final Countdown

As the date draws closer for the release of the Fall/Winter line of clothing we decided to give you another shot at what we have in store. This past weekend we were lucky enough to travel to a show with our sponsored band Heavyarms, which you can find on our “Team” page, and sell some […]

Goin’ for Gold

Our sponsored/endorsed band Heavyarms played a show last week right here at The Rave in Milwaukee, WI. In attendance was the likes of The Color Morale, Chiodos and, as seen in the youtube video above, Close To Home. Not only did the Heavyarms guys absolutely tear the stage apart and rep Nick Hammond Design proudly, […]

Sneak Peek/Band Update

HeavyArms In HeavyTimes Volume VI on Vimeo. ^^^Watch   Well folks, its about that time again; summer. The time of the year when bands go crazy and step up their game with a ton of new shows, merch, tours, and if they really kick some butt a sponsorship. Here at Nick Hammond Design/NHD Clothing we […]