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Fears Vs. Dreams

I ran across these great words posted by a fellow designer today. Although I don’t know his name, or even where he resides in the world, the message is no less true. If you’re out there brah, thanks for the insight! (p.s. it looks like a longer read than it actually is)   “One of […]

Do. Be. Do. Be. Do.

One of the many wonderful teachings of theoretical quantum physicist Amit Goswami. Whether you’re into science, religion, or even neither of the two, Dr. Goswami approaches a broad range of topics that address the broader questions of life. Some of his explanations can get a little thick, but hey, he’s a theoretical quantum physicist so […]


I recently had an opportunity to guest write for a friend of mine, Ami Fiedler, President/Owner of Winky Boo LLC. Winky Boo is a fellow clothing company and blog in which the most recent post featured various clothing brand owners, including Nick Hammond Design, in order to shed some light on mistakes. As everyone knows, […]