Findlay Hats

When considering an apparel company one question that continually comes to mind is, “How are they going to innovate?.” How does someone who sells hats, a product that has been mostly unchanged for years on end, differentiate themselves in a saturated market?

Enter Findlay Hats.

With a lace that can be tied in a multitude of different styles, and also serves the function of being tied underneath your chin to keep your lid in place during extreme sports and environments, Findlay desperately needed a revamp in the stylings of product offerings and marketing efforts in order to more accurately match their unique headwear concept.

By creating patterns, colorways, promotional materials and marketing plans to unify the company in all facets we were able to stay true to the company’s Northwest roots while expanding to new markets and increasing the traction in familiar ones.

What followed was an account with Zumiez in a 100 store, 4 SKU, rollout to accompany the over 500% growth in revenue in just their second year in business. This, multiplied by the over 300% growth over their several social channels, is a recipe for success that would blow any competitor out of the water.