When the second largest outdoor retailer in the world (distributing over 1,000 independently-owned brands to outdoor lovers and action sports enthusiasts alike) launches their own line of clothing they go looking for nothing but the best.

Through the creation of a fully-integrated digital campaign entitled “Unscripted,” we were able to drive a 594% increase in audience growth across Backcountry’s private brand Basin + Range’s Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook pages as people shared, liked and commented over 70,000 times.

During the campaign, we gained traction through a series of established media outlets which drove additional traffic, and sales, via dedicated landing, and product display, pages.

Going above and beyond established KPI’s our small team worked to build brand awareness while simultaneously broadening the first steps in the sales funnel in order to continue driving future traffic to newly released products under Backcountry’s private label brands.