Earth Day


It’s been said that our generation has “no great war” and that we’ve grown up in a secluded world of privilege. That we are the generation of entitlement.   What is really happening is that the Internet is allowing us to connect to one another in ways we previous could have never imagined. This connectivity is allowing fundamental human rights to be restored.   Just because you might not be aware of the radical shifts in awareness that are starting to take place doesn’t mean they aren’t there. It means... Read The Rest →

2 Types of People


Next time you’re at an intersection, pay attention.   You’ll quickly realize that there are two kinds of people:   The Doer – These types of people walk up to the intersection, see the “Do Not Walk” sign and, after looking around, proceed to analyze whether or not they are able to safely walk across the street. If there are no cars coming they will proceed to cross anyway, based on their own judgment, even in light of the potential risks they face.     The Listener – These types... Read The Rest →

Defined By Rituals

Defined By Rituals

When you want to get a job, how do you do it?   The best way is to politely harass the gatekeepers.   If this works then why wouldn’t you apply this to a larger scale? In order to fulfill your dreams and get anything you ever wanted you have to define your goal and politely harass it until it comes true.     You are defined by your rituals.   The people that get to where they want to be are the ones that won’t settle, the ones that... Read The Rest →

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