Going Deeper

While going on longer drives I’ve become accustomed to wandering off into my own thoughts (which is one reason why I’ve come to love them) and I’d find myself thinking about all of the places I had seen in just the last year as well as how much each one of those places changed me […]

The Right Kind Of Fear

I can honestly say that as of recently I’ve come the closest I ever have to giving up on a dream. And the scary part is that in trying to better listen to my own thoughts and feelings I was under the impression that I was listening to the right voice. There are always two […]

The Medium is the Message

Growing up playing paintball at a national level I was constantly exposed to the budding image of Shepard Fairey’s Obey campaigns, namely in the form of his Andre The Giant Has A Posse stickers which started showing up on gear all over the United States. Shepard kept a consistent focus on the theme of phenomenology […]