While going on longer drives I’ve become accustomed to wandering off into my own thoughts (which is one reason why I’ve come to love them) and I’d find myself thinking about all of the places I had seen in just the last year as well as how much each one of those places changed me just a little bit.

I had come so far in such a short amount of time that I couldn’t even begin to fathom where the next chapter would take me.

I’ve only recently begun to recognize that I’m going deeper.

The mountains I once enjoyed have become the true behemoths that they are after spending more time at a closer distance. I’ve grown to respect them. The cities I once thought too far away or too inaccessible have become a means of opportunity after getting lost in their expanse. I’ve grown to respect them also.

I’ve grown to understand that the deeper you go the more you’re able to uncover and the more you’re able to appreciate. I’ve grown to understand that things can change faster than you can imagine and that the only way to fight this is to appreciate each and every single moment.

And most importantly I’ve learned that things are never what you think they’re going to be but that they become magical when you learn to enjoy them for the way they actually are.