I can honestly say that as of recently I’ve come the closest I ever have to giving up on a dream. And the scary part is that in trying to better listen to my own thoughts and feelings I was under the impression that I was listening to the right voice.

There are always two voices in our heads. One of fear and one of love. The one of love shows us what fear we need to face in order to live up to our true potential and freedom. One the other hand the one of fear disguises itself as that of love and makes it appear as though a decision we’re making is an attempt to better ourselves when in actuality it’s really just taking us down the completely opposite direction.

So here comes the real test. How do we tell the difference?



The voice of love provides a direction in which all of your wildest dreams can come true while the voice of fear crushes them all. Both come with roadblocks. But the true test comes in understanding what is on the other side of those roadblocks and working toward the realization that what’s on the other side is worth all of the effort and pain that you’ll go through to get there. And it makes that pain worth it.

So that when you’re having a bad day you’re able to look that fear and pain right in the face and, instead of backing down, continuing on the path before you as if you never even questioned yourself in the first place.