Intellectually it doesn’t make sense to make your life about anything other than love. If you pursue other people there’s too many to even begin to try and know or understand. If you pursue what you love and enjoy then all of the people you meet will be there for a reason and there’s no need to worry about the rest.

It also makes choices a lot easier. Normally you’d have a million possible ways to go but when you’re acting based on love you can either say yes because it makes you happy or say no and walk away. Those are your only two options and anything past this is just serving to complicate things for no reason.


This also helps with dealing with hard times. When you’re feeling overwhelmed you can be calmed by coming to the realization that because you’re pursuing what you love there’s only one way to go, and that’s forward, because you’d be a whole lot worse off if you were doing anything else. All of the other things that might seem like options are less so than the path that you’re already on.

If you decide to just trust people as a baseline not only will you be an overall better, and more loving, person but you’ll find out more quickly who you don’t want in your life based on who abuses your trust and who respects it.

Don’t be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams.