Lately I’ve been thinking more and more about my “Never Settle” motto and how it fits in with my seemingly ever-changing life.

Previously I had taken it to mean that one needs to embrace change, to adapt, and to always be working to confront that part of ourselves that screams “DON’T GO THERE!”.

But it’s only been in the last several days that I’ve come to the realization that this is only half of the story. This, after the better part of two months wrestling with what this idea really was and how it was trying to present itself to me.

While we do need to nourish the part of ourselves that seeks to find what’s around the next corner, or over the top of that next mountain, we can’t let this overpower the second half of ourselves which comes in simply enjoying the moment.

Far too long have I turned a blind eye to the part of myself that yearned to sit under that one tree for hours for no other reason than the fact that it felt right. I blazed passed moments which I should have sat with and enjoyed. I disregarded loving feelings in others just so that I could move ahead to the next moment, the next step, the next plan.

What I’m realizing now is that there is a very subtle art in being able to understand when to move forward and when to just sit and enjoy. And the fact that the two of these feelings coexist means that we can’t forcefully put one or the other on hold in order to proceed with this journey we call life.

So which piece are you not paying attention to? Do you need to sit? Or do you need to take that next step? In reality, it’s probably a beautiful mix of both.