As a kid growing up in an average American town it becomes incredibly easy to see tattooed individuals as being those who are reckless and come from a troubled past.


What I have found to be truer is that these types of people reach a point in their lives where they make a conscious decision to stray from the norm.


They come to the realization that by following what everyone else expects of you, you cannot truly be happy. At some point you have to have the guts to make the decision to follow your own goals and the grit to get down to business and accomplish what you’re after.


Just because someone doesn’t look, or think, like you doesn’t mean that they aren’t living their life to it’s true potential.



If you are unable to find teachings in the types of people that are different than you then you can’t find teachings in even the most successful.


Because you never know where the truth is going to come from you have to be ready for it to come from the most unlikely sources.