It’s been said that our generation has “no great war” and that we’ve grown up in a secluded world of privilege. That we are the generation of entitlement.


What is really happening is that the Internet is allowing us to connect to one another in ways we previous could have never imagined. This connectivity is allowing fundamental human rights to be restored.


Just because you might not be aware of the radical shifts in awareness that are starting to take place doesn’t mean they aren’t there. It means that you aren’t looking hard enough.



And if you pay close enough attention you’ll realize that our generation has a great war indeed. A war of fighting for the very Earth that gave us life. An Earth that continues to give us a place in which to breathe and experience everything that is truly real.


So next time you log onto a computer, or a smartphone, or a tablet, try digging a little further instead of simply numbing yourself to the changes that are taking place.


The Earth needs you.