A lot of the times , when we’re confronted with a chance at pursuing something we love, we back down. We say no. Why is that? In my experience it’s because we have a bunch of pre-loaded excuses in our brains. However, when you break down these excuses, you quickly begin to realize that they have no basis in reality. These excuses can be solved more easily than you could have ever imagined. It just takes some balls.


What’s stopping you…


Won’t it take a long time? The time will pass by anyway, might as well spend it doing something you love.


Won’t it cost a lot of money? The most successful business started in basements.



And the most widely accepted excuse: What if I fail? You learn. More importantly, you will have spent some period of time doing what you loved instead of just thinking about it. You will most likely learn a lot more about life this way as well. Not only that, but this process tends to snowball and help you to continue with other dreams you may have put off.


You can also answer that last question with an even better question: What if I succeed?


Most people are more afraid of what might change if they pursue their dreams than if they fail whilst pursuing their dreams.


How many excuses do you continue to give yourself day-to-day? How long have you been putting off an important project?


And most importantly, what’s stopping you?