As I become more and more involved with business, marketing, design and even life in general, the easier it has been for me to see that smaller is better.


In business and marketing, starting with a small group of people that understand what drives you is a key concept. If you don’t have a loyal customer base then you have nothing.


In design, the most eye-catching pieces tend to be those that embody aspects of minimalism. There are so many overwhelming colors, fonts, and information used in designs we see on a day-to-day basis that people are paying less attention to what is in front of them. That is, unless you can make simple (smaller) work.


Other very important topics that also follow this principle of “smaller is better” include that of the food industry, and sustainability. By supporting local farms you not only are helping to grow your local economy but you are also putting better food into your body. Why treat your one and only true vehicle on this earth any differently than by putting into it the best fuel possible? The same goes for the products that you use throughout your life including containers, vehicles, and even clothing.



Not everything has to be new in order to work and not everything has to be bigger to be better.


Most of the time, smaller is better.