As of lately I have been becoming increasingly involved with finances both in classes and in potential business plans. One of the overarching themes of finance comes in the idea that you need to have a detailed plan in order to move forward. To me, this is odd and appears to be the basis for the issues in decision making that most people face in other aspects of their lives.


The hardest part about living a fulfilling life comes in the realization that the majority of the reasons you tell yourself you can’t do something are just excuses.


When it comes to facing a new decision, and a possible path that we have never traveled before, it usually comes with the feeling of being incredibly scared. But you have to realize that the feeling of being scared is where it ends. By allowing yourself to dwell on these feelings you start to create an inner dialogue that, day-by-day, creates inaction.



The truth: most ideas and businesses start with little to no money. And to add to this, most decision making processes in good businesses come in going with the flow.


Don’t let money dictate your life and don’t let money be the reason you put off doing something you have always wanted to do.