While technology continues to grow, as it has and will, the jobs that are increasingly left in its wake tend to involve mindless work. Sitting on a manufacturing line where each person rots for hours on end only to be responsible for a select few movements as each piece makes it way through the process.


Not only are more and more jobs becoming mind numbing in this fashion but they are also being outsourced to different countries. In an economic environment where these jobs are becoming a larger portion of the positions available, or where jobs are not available at all, how does someone break the mold? How do we find the jobs that don’t involve acting like a zombie?


The answer lies in being creative.


As the jobs that are left move toward tasks that even a simple robot can do, companies are looking for signs that we are still human. That we can think outside of the box and prove that we aren’t just another robot.


You may not identify yourself as being creative, or an artist, but let me tell you that everyone is. Just because you don’t create art based on the traditional view doesn’t mean that you are not an artist. You create art every single day just by simply connecting concepts in your head from things you’ve seen or heard.


So how do you become more creative in order to make your time worth more? You focus less on external rewards and more on internal ones. By spending just a few more minutes a day on your passions you will begin to see what makes you happy and what keeps you waking up every single day.


You become more self-motivated.



And best of all, the more you focus on your own interests, the more they will flourish and the less you will have to rely on others to get where you need to be in life. Yes, it will be hard. I talk a bit about how much time this can take in my previous post “No Pressure, No Diamonds.”


But if the time is going to pass anyway you might as well spend it doing something that you love instead of something that you absolutely hate. As a friend recently said to me “All of the money they pay you at a normal 9-5 job is just compensation for wasting your life.”


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