I always tend to get some pretty confusing looks and statements of misunderstanding when I get into conversations about my design business and where it has lead me. People just don’t seem to be able to comprehend the idea that someone like myself (who appears to have a decent bit of common sense) can go from opportunity to opportunity, job to job, and not lack a sense of security. To this day, I have always had an incredibly hard time explaining this to those who are interested. Until now.


I was reading through the book Ctrl Alt Delete by Mitch Joel, which admittedly takes a while to get going, when I came across this passage:


“Some people perceive changing jobs and switching industries as reckless. Take a cold, hard look at these people in this day and age and ask yourself: How secure are these jobs? We live in a time where a company like Kodak can collapse while at the same time a simple photo-sharing app called Instagram gets bought for a billion dollars by Facebook. Which company do you think feels more secure?

The answer is simple: neither. Welcome to a career that will have to embrace the squiggle.”


(Pic taken from my phone at a lakehouse half way across the country from where I call home. Working remotely at its finest.)


It is a mistake to believe that anybody truly feels a sense of job security. Because of the changing times, and this age of online communities, any industry can take a cold hard fall at any moment. But at the same time, any industry can see a sharp increase from just about nothing.


Once you gain the ability to truly believe in your own skillset and understand that you will be able to thrive in whatever field you have your feet sunk into at the moment, everything else becomes irrelevant.


Life isn’t about sticking to a single career path or a decision you made back in high school. It’s about adapting and following the things that you love to places you never dreamed possible.