One thing I have always had a hard time doing is taking that first step in trusting someone. We grow up with the belief that we can trust most people we meet, and as kids, this is mostly true. Until we begin to get older, and slowly people start going back on their word, and your trust tank starts to get more and more empty. After recognizing this I made it a goal to try and let go of the negative thoughts and attempt to trust people more often. The perfect opportunity arose just the other day, and let me tell you, I was not disappointed in the results.


I had been contacted by a guy via linkedin (the power of the internet) who was interested in starting a project and needed a designer to help get some initial pieces put together. We talked on the phone and agreed to set up a time when we could meet in person and discuss the details. A couple days rolled by and when the date finally showed up there was some terrible weather. Flash floods, wicked thunderstorms, the whole nine yards. Right before I was going to leave to meet him my power went out in my apartment and my immediate thought was “Ok, I guess this is going to have to happen another time.” After some deliberation, and pondering over my partially empty trust tank, I decided to just man up and go to the meeting anyway (despite the horrendous downpour occurring just outside my front door.)


We agreed to meet at a store before going back to his apartment and upon arriving to the store the rain become more and more intense. Finally we just decide that the storm wasn’t going to get any better any time soon and that we should just get to his apartment as fast as we could. Little did I know that the way this was going to happen was via the back of his moped.



“I know this is a little weird, and I wouldn’t normally ask anyone to do this, but since it’s down pouring would you just want to hop on the back of my moped so we can get back to my place faster?” he said. Fuck it, I already spent the time and energy to get to this point, lets roll. So we hop on the moped and he gives me a poncho to try and keep me from getting too soaking wet (which didn’t really help in the slightest but was a kind gesture) while we dodged through multiple lanes of traffic and rain that would have given Noah’s Ark a run for it’s money.


We get back to his place, hash out the details for the design project, and now our business relationship couldn’t be better due to the way we initially met.


Sometimes you just have to take that leap of faith and understand that everything is going to be okay. And that most people in this world have good hearts. And that sometimes you just have to hop on that trust moped.


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