I’ve just figured out the kind of people that I am really drawn to. It’s the kind of people that, when coming together, can work toward a common goal without ever asking for a reason behind doing it.


The other night a friend, who wanted to get several talented individuals together and to create a project collaboratively, approached me. Within minutes after meeting everyone was adding to a discussion until several hours had passed. Nobody began the meeting in a formal way, nor did anybody ask to have a reason for his or her participation.

This is true only because it means they already knew the reason. They do it because they love it, and nothing else matters. So much so that nobody ever had even a single discussion about the money that may be involved or the time it would take to accomplish the associated goals. They just jumped right in.


Some people may label this as reckless but I find it quite the opposite. With the passion to immerse yourself directly into what you’re creating the potential problems you encounter along the way just seem like little steps instead of big hurdles.