One of the most important lessons a brand can learn about their online presence is that they should never lose their home base. With all of the different social media sites it can be incredibly easy to get too tied up in the latest trend. What happens when that trend fades away and you’ve put all of your energy into it? You lose your home base. The central identity is no longer about what the brand represents but how it can use different outlets to try and prevent itself from going under.


Same thing applies with us humans. The more time we spend on outlets doing useless things, the more we lose our center. Don’t get me wrong; social media can be a great thing when used in a responsible fashion and for meaningful things. In today’s day and age, however, it seems as though this is not the case.

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Spend more time building yourself into the outgoing and new-experience-seeking person you want to be and less time on the trends that just make it look like you are.