Every once in a while I come across some amazing blog posts or pieces of writing that resonate with what you could call “struggles” in my own life. I love sharing these as they can pertain not only to design/marketing but to life in general.

Here’s a quick excerpt from Stacey Cornelius‘ new site, PerceptionsFiltered.com, from which you can download the entire text:


“There are a myriad of things that can stop you in your tracks. Comparing yourself to someone you see as wildly successful, telling yourself you can’t “do marketing,” that you aren’t smart enough to master the simplest technology.

You can tell yourself other things. Better things.

Truer things.

Things that don’t make you feel ill.

Business skills are learned, not bestowed. Most of this business we call creativity is about learning, whether it’s artistic technique, a new medium, or marketing.

We all start somewhere, learn in different ways and in our own time. There’s no shame in that.

“I want this to be better” isn’t a reason to stop. It’s a reason to push forward.

That desire won’t derail you, it’s the baggage you bring along for the ride. Ditch the baggage. Do your work.