Here goes a sort of rant since lately I’ve been running in to more and more people saying they want to do or accomplish something. After that first stage of saying they want it, and badly at that, they proceed to half-ass whatever they intended to go after whether it be a goal or activity or anything in between.


Why you would go about attempting to achieve anything in this way is beyond me. Whenever you go about completing any task throughout the day you should be completing it to the best of your ability. That, or don’t do it in the first place.


If your mind is conditioned to attempt everything, and to do so with the best of it’s ability, then this transfers to other aspects of your life and only makes you a better person. You’ll never fail since failure isn’t an option. Every step is considered progress until you’ve reached your final goal.


We have enough mediocre people in this world who get by day-to-day doing the absolute minimum amount of work required. Don’t be another one of these people.


The best way I have had this explained to me is through the following quote:


So why would you spend any amount of this bank account on something that wasn’t worth your while? Why would you half-ass anything? You’re never getting it back, so make every second count.