I’ve been getting into more and more work for “causes” recently. It feels great to be able to help others with their design needs as it relates to individuals and companies that strive to change. Change the world around us and make it better for all.

It just so happens that this project is the brain child of my Father, Michael Hammond. After having biked from Madison, WI to Lacrosse, WI and traveled a total of roughly 170 miles for his 50th birthday he began work on his new company 50 To 50 For Heart in order to raise awareness for heart health.

Take a second to check out the new logo design, created by none other than myself, for 50 To 50 For Heart and help the project reach it’s full potential by donating even the smallest amount. And don’t forget to stay tuned as I have many more amazing projects to show off as time rolls on.

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