Throughout the past couple of weeks I have been working closely with MetalCare, a new booking agency that helps support non-profit charity causes through musical events. The reason this relates to me, and you, is that local music scenes are something that can support artists in many different ways. The founder, Clay Smith, former Sleep Serapis Sleep member, wrote an awesome blog post earlier this month where he breaks down the various costs involved with getting a local show up and running…all while making sure the profits are distributed to the rightful hands.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to appreciate the massive amounts of time, energy, and love that go into bringing locals the music that they love, or even just want to check out the number breakdowns, here’s your chance:


“I’m sure you’ve been to a show and watched the people at the door collecting money.  Some of you might have done a little mental math with some head scratching.

If a show costs $8 and there’s, like, 100 people here, they made $800! Where does it all go?!

I did a little number crunching of my own to show you. RELEASE THE QUICKEN!

(It’s actually Open Office not Quicken, but how could I pass that one up?)

The table shown breaks down 19 hypothetical shows.  Each has the same cost rates, which are a little low, but pretty close to what they will be for an average show.  The far right column shows the “bottom line,” what’s left after all the costs are covered…”

To see the rest of the blog post, and the chart that goes along with the information, click the following link and check out MetalCare!