One of the many wonderful teachings of theoretical quantum physicist Amit Goswami. Whether you’re into science, religion, or even neither of the two, Dr. Goswami approaches a broad range of topics that address the broader questions of life.

Some of his explanations can get a little thick, but hey, he’s a theoretical quantum physicist so I think it’s warranted. This also explains the crazy “featured image” I uploaded for this post.

I had been wondering what to blog lately since I’ve been on a hiatus for the past couple of weeks and this seemed liked the perfect little bit. I’ve definitely been in the “Be” phase lately.

Do: Do your work and strive to create

Be: Live in the moment and enjoy where you’re at

A combination of these two can lead to remarkable results. We are the designers of our future!


Check out more on Amit Goswami at his website at or on Netflix with his documentary “The Quantum Activist”. You can’t go wrong.