Marketing: Thoughtful Beauty or Unintentional Crap?

Recently, I had the pleasure of receiving a message to my business email. This email is one that I pride myself on due to the simple fact that I have managed to keep spam from reaching my inbox, not to mention my eyeballs.  That being said, it was to my great surprise when, the other day, I opened my email to find a message with a title stating, “May the peace of Allah be upon you.” Here is where the marketing genius takes effect.

Whether this man knew it or not, he had sent me a message with a title that contained language we don’t normally hear in the United States. Because I was intrigued by the title, I opened the message and began reading.



The writer, whoever he was, cut straight to the point to inform me that I would be entitled to a share of $6.2 Million Dollars, and all I had to do was “assist” him. He used a technique that many of us designers and businessmen use time and time again. He brought us in with an appealing title, and then kept us interested by showing us the profit we could be making; all within the first couple seconds of reading the email. The reason for this is most definitely to keep the readers attention as well as to then persuade them to take action. Of course, having seen schemes like these plastered all over the news both on and offline, I understood immediately that this was indeed an opportunity that would only lead to a bad outcome. But what if I hadn’t?

There are thousands of stories out there about how various individuals got caught up in schemes like these thinking that they would make a large sum of money, as promised by the “businessman” who contacted them. But if most everyone knew that these schemes were, indeed, schemes to part people from their hard earned cash, why are they successful? Simply because, whether the con men that propose these schemes know it or not, the men are masters of marketing. By creating a title that draws the reader’s attention they can get thousands of people to read their message, even if the recipient has already seen the message marked as Junk Mail. Once the message is opened there is a quick figure, of a large amount of money, which boldly jumps from the page due to its seemingly infinite digits that follow an ever so chilling dollar sign.

It is clear that the small amount of writing provided by the individuals who run these schemes is always very powerful. Everyone has received mail like the one above in some for another throughout their years, whether they decide to take action or not. The viewer sees most of these messages as junk mail or unintentional crap, but for the occasional sucker to the age old marketing technique they can be the most brilliant and thoughtful beauty.


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