Being that I recently posted about finding what you love to do, and having the courage to take the first step in achieving your goal in “Fish Can Climb”, I realized I might have left out a key point in taking that first step. So you’ve figured out what you want to do in life, or at least what makes you happy, now what?


How do I actually go about taking those first steps?


Oddly enough, I found myself reevaluating this very same concept in the past couple days. The secret is to think well and living well will follow. This is called the Law of Attraction. Whatever you are thinking and feeling today is creating your future. Stop chasing a time, or thing, or place, that you think SHOULD make you happy and start BEING happy first. Once this is done then the rest will follow.


Being that we see news about the state of the economy every day it becomes hammered in our minds that life is hard. We start to think constantly about negative terms such as “recession” and “the 1%” (Harmless little connection to the ideas of Occupy Wallstreet). The more we think about these negative terms the more they begin to be reality since that is all that is on our minds. We’re approaching our lives as if trying to accomplish something will make us feel better. In reality, feeling better is what will help us to accomplish a great many things. We need to start thinking positively and creating a world in our minds in which these economic, and other, problems do not exist. Changes as big as something that may affect the state of the economy do not come lightly, however. Sticking to these positive thoughts can take a while, but in time, will prevail.


This seems to have a heavy correlation to that of the creative process designers go through on a daily basis. In a way, we’re all designers. What we think in our minds affects the world around us in ways that we cannot even imagine. This is why I believe the next frontier will be that of the mind, not technology. So next time you find the state of affairs in your life becoming astray take a second to 1. ASK yourself where you would rather be 2.BELIEVE that this will become true and 3. RECEIVE the benefits whether it be directly what you had asked for or something slightly different.


After all, we are the designers of our future.


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