Nothing screams sex week like the slogan “Unleash Your Inner Beast.” It just so happens that this is the new catch phrase for UW-Milwaukee’s Housing Department as their SHAC, or Student Housing and Accessibility Center, puts on a Sex Week every year to help get rid of the myths of sex. The teachings of Sex Week is something I firmly believe in, as teaching kids the correct facts about sex can help them tremendously throughout the rest of their lives.

The bay boy up top is the tshirt design we made for Sex Week 2011 and will be worn by a vast amount of students living in University Housing facilities. Without a top tier tshirt design, why would any kid want to take part in sex week? Our thoughts exactly. Which is why we came to the rescue. With a yellow print on a black shirt you can’t go wrong as the Sex Week 2011 shirt will never go out of style. Not pictured above is the back of the tshirt which also has claw marks coming down each shoulder blade. Risque? Most definitely. And we love it even more because of it.

If you, or anyone you know, would like a tshirt design shoot us an email at Nick @ NickHammondDesign dot com and we’ll get back to you with a quote. TShirt designs are something we absolutely LOVE to do and will never grow tired of them. Also go to “Our Work” page or our “Hire Us” page to find out more info on how you could have a sick tshirt designed like the one above.

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