Winners for helping us reach 3,200 followers on twitter are: @only1jishjosh, @SaraResendez, @JodiB36, and @VanVoltage. Congrats guys/gals! We’ll keep giving out more for every 100 followers and likes.


For every 100 likes & follows we get on our Facebook & Twitter pages, we will have a drawing for a FREE sticker pack. These stickers haven’t been released yet and won’t see the light of day until the full release of the Fall/Winter Line of clothing!

Here’s how to enter:

1. Like our Facebook page OR Follow us on Twitter (click the icons to be redirected)

2. Get as many people to like or follow us as you can! Do this by:

Posting a status on Facebook by tagging us with an “@NickHammondDesign” or

Tweeting about us on Twitter by tagging us with an “@NHammondDesign”

3. Every time we hit an even 100 likes OR followers we will do a drawing and give away a FREE sticker pack. The more people that like and follow us, the more FREE stickers we can give away! Remember, these stickers have never seen the light of day, and won’t again until the full upcoming clothing release!

(Make sure you LIKE us or FOLLOW us in order to be able to tag us properly in your posts and tweets…otherwise it won’t work properly and we won’t know that your wonderful self has entered the contest)

We would have LOVED to do the contest on our Google + as well, but they didn’t like that our name wasn’t a “real” person and thus we have to wait for the business pages to come out ha.

If you have any question, post on our Facebook or on our Twitter and we’ll help you to enter! Good luck, and happy stickering 😉