I recently sat down to answer some questions and have a thoughtful discussion with Jared Thompson, owner of Design Juices and tshirt connoisseur. Here’s a tad bit of the beginning of the article, but if you want to see more AND find some exclusive info on the Fall/Winter Line of NHD Clothing then you’ll have to click the link and head on over to DesignJuices.co.uk to read the rest. This is some info we haven’t told a soul so be sure to read through the entire interview and keep your eyes peeled! Good luck hunting 😉

“It’s always a great personal pleasure to connect with designers and all round turned on creatives in various industries to expand your horizons and knowledge. I think it’s important as a designer not to stay too locked down in your own niche area of design, we should look to outside inspiration in t-shirts, web design, print design and more!

Today it’s great to showcase the talents of artist and designer Nick Hammond, most well known to myself for his work on his own self entitled clothing line. You wouldn’t want to catch yourself in a (paint)gun fight with this wild west slinger! Nick has a wide ranging array of talents and business knowledge and I trust you can find this latest interview as insightful as the last. Today we discussed; social media, the future of facebook, social media circles, paintballing, blogging and the online clothing world…”

Full article Here