HeavyArms In HeavyTimes Volume VI on Vimeo.



Well folks, its about that time again; summer. The time of the year when bands go crazy and step up their game with a ton of new shows, merch, tours, and if they really kick some butt a sponsorship. Here at Nick Hammond Design/NHD Clothing we value our bands and team members a great deal. That’s why we absolutely LOVE to see shoutouts, like the one above, from our endorsed/sponsored team members. Heavyarms has been on the hunt for the #1 spot and working toward what looks to be an amazing career in the music industry.

That being said, check out what they’re up to in the coming months as well as the mention of Nick Hammond Design.

If you’d like to see some more info on the lovely members of Heavyarms feel free to click the “Team” button above. They’ll be rockin the fall/winter line proudly!