First off, I would like to start by saying that this is not going to be another one of those political rants or even a post about what you need to be doing to give to those less fortunate. Mainly because most of us get these ideas thrown at us daily, and you can find this information for yourself without me trying to sway your opinion on various issues and happenings around the world. What I would like to say to you all, though, involves Nick Hammond Design/NHD Clothing nonetheless.

Without being too cliché, we are living in times that are extraordinary. Advances in technology allow us to hear of happenings around our states and even the world within minutes. Because of this, businesses everywhere are in situations where they can either make it or break it. This weekend, we had the pleasure of visiting the Capitol of our very fine state of Wisconsin: Madison. Currently, the Governor is attempting to balance the state budget in ways that many are not all too happy with which has lead to protestors showing up in the tens of thousands and even in estimates of over 100,000. Recently, Egypt was in a similar, yet more dire situation, as their government was overthrown. Just last Friday Japan had an earthquake, which reached an estimated 8.9 on the Richter scale and produced a massive tsunami that resulted in the loss of countless lives. The point of all of this is being that while design and clothing businesses, such as ours, are thriving in our own little corner of world there are many places where this would be completely impossible.

-Photo courtesy of POGO-

As our business grows we try to hold tight to the fact that we have been given an incredible opportunity that many have not. Because of this we vow to not forget the fact that we aren’t the only company out there, and that at the drop of a hat we could no longer be in business. We have plans in the future to create designs for NHD Clothing that will be directly related in helping others reach their dreams to the fullest extent as well as helping the communities that allowed us to get to where we are today. Namely, a shirt design in which all profits will go to relief efforts in Japan after their devastating earthquake and tsunami.

When out and about on your daily activities keep in mind that not everyone shares the same views and opinions on topics that are becoming increasingly hostile in local and world settings. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes, even if for a second, as to be more considerate to another’s point of view. Being in the position we are, we have a chance to affect many lives in either a positive or negative way and we hope that we can be one of the many that is 100% positive.

Thanks to everyone who helped us along the way, without you all we would not be here. If any of you need help with any business, design or life related questions we would be more than happy to help. And be on the lookout for the NHD Clothing Japan Relief shirt in the coming weeks.


Nick Hammond