We’re proud to announce the band Conveyer has officially been added to the NHD Team! Hailing from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, the melodic hardcore band CONVEYER are about to unleash a fire upon the mid-western hardcore scene. Their debut EP, aptly titled ‘Signal Fire,’ was recorded at IPR Studios in Minneapolis by Soundwave Media Group. Signal Fire will be released on April 2nd along with a release show in Eau Claire. The band is giving away the EP for free online and are planning to press it as a 7″ later this Spring. The band plans to tour the midwest heavily and have been confirmed for Cornerstone Festival 2011 in Illinios in July. They have already booked studio time in May to record their full-length record with Eric Tuffendsam (Close To Home, DearLovely) in Cincinnati, Ohio and plan to continue touring extensively following the release of the album. Dates and more info will be announced in the coming weeks!

These guys definitely know how to do it big, and with a performance at the Cornerstone Music Festival comin up you can be sure they mean business. Conveyer will also be rockin the new NHD Clothing threads which were just released as well as our already sponsored band Bounty Hunter. Both can be found on the Team section of our site. The NHD Clothing line can also be seen in the post previous to this, but get yours quickly as the preorders are almost sold out!

Check out Conveyer, and download their song for FREE at the following links:

Myspace- http://www.myspace.com/conveyerhc

Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/pages/Conveyer/110114502379598?sk=wall

Twitter- http://twitter.com/CONVEYERhc