What you have here folks is the prime example of what it means to live The Soiree Lifestyle! This is a fairly detailed post but I will do my best to sum it up:

-On the top pic you have the tags for the new Soiree Clothing line designed by none other than Nick Hammond Design

-Second as well as third from the top you have the preliminary sketches for the “Lifestyle” tshirt

-Then you have some small pics of the rest of the new tee’s and pullovers from the new Soiree Clothing winter line

-Lastly you have the final result of the “Lifestyle” tee

All of these mockups were designed by Nick Hammond Design and are featured in the online store of Soiree Clothing located at www.soireeclothing.com! Remember, if you like what you see and are in need a designer of any type feel free to shoot us, Nick Hammond Design, an email and we would be happy to help you with whatever project you can throw at us 😀

But don’t forget, heres a nice vid of the new Soiree Clothing line to keep you occupied before you head on out to your daily business: