The first song entitled “Shores” from Nick Hammond Design sponsored band, Bounty Hunter, is now up on youtube. After given them a listen you can check them out by clicking the links below!

Bounty Hunter is a progressive metal band out of Madison, WI. Jared Norton (18) and Rocky Morgan (20) are the guitarists, Matt (Wally) Walter (22) is the vocalist, CJ Libby (18) is the bassist, while Andrew Provenzano (18) shreds drums. This is their debut EP which was recorded by the guitarist Jared Norton and mastered by Joel Wanasek of JTW Studios.

As soon as CDs are pressed, they will be selling these tracks at their shows. To contact them (about shows, merch designs, questions, or anything else) email





Stay tuned for more updates from NHD sponsored bands and athletes as well as videos on the new youtube account.

Shirts– To be coming soon and sold on the site

Stickers– Also to be coming soon and will be a part of the new “contests” page

Blog– To be added for life hack kinda stuff about the NHD team, their experiences, and what we’ve learned in this journey to make something of ourselves

Be sure to leave us some comments as well so we know what we can improve on/what you guys would like to see from us/events and shows you are all going to! We may have a sponsored photographer in the near future with some show reviews to boot. Enjoy! 😀

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