Its official, just opened a new account and received the first Nick Hammond Designs checks in the mail. Almost ready for business! But first I have to outline the plans for Nick Hammond Design in the future. Here are a few things that are gonna be coming at you real quick:

-sponsored paintballers, boardsport athletes, bands and more
-this design blog on the front page as a news/recent work feed
-new blog about life experiences and how to get the most out
of our time here as related to Nick Hammond Design
-portfolio page with my work
-links to all social network pages (stumbleupon, behance,
twitter, facebook, youtube, more)
-Contact page to hire me and my skills as a graphic designer
-NHD clothing such as a couple shirts, maybe a hoodie and more?
-Contests to win anything from stickers to tshirts to custom
-This blog will also be moved to WORDPRESS as to work more with SEO (search engine optimization) and direct more traffic to the website. After all, Google already finished a search of “Nick Hammond” with the word “Design” and bring up all of my pages 😉

-New youtube account for exclusive content and shennanigans

-News from all of the industries in which we have sponsored athletes/ creative individuals

-Last but not least, COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT. We at NHD want to hear your opinion on anything and everything!

So get ready for the ride, keep checking back here for updates, and wait for the site to drop in the near future. And as always make sure to shoot me an email at if you like what you see and would like to hire me for a project! Thanks for the support as always 😀