Multiple stuff goin on in one post! Here we have the front page of with some freshly added content. All 3 banners displayed on the front page are currently designed by yours truly.

The first, a sponsorship flyer, which has already been explained in a previous post and is not displayed in this.

The second, the newly redesigned PBRack Paintball Players Pant which is sure to be a jaw dropper for the upcoming season and has pros rockin em from teams such as Chicago Aftershock and Vancouver Vendetta as well as a heap of divisional players and teams. I designed the flyer to reflect the serious intent of PBRack to enter the soft goods category in the paintball industry and boy are they doing a fantastic job.

The third, a new banner to promote the new line of PBRack clothing soon to be added to the site and store! You can expect a new blog post for this one as well since some of the shirt designs were done by me as well. Very exciting stuff and a lot coming out of PBRack in the near future! Be sure to check back soon to get the inside scoop on the designs for the shirts as well as being able to purchase them from none other than

Last but not least! The wonderfully cohesive and eye catching background to the PBRack site was also a project I worked on. After a few initial designs we came upon the one that is currently being displayed as it was most effective at being visually pleasing but not overstimulating. It drags your eye across the entire page allowing the user to want to explore more of the content on the page.
This was one of the bigger posts I have ever made but it was necessary as a lot of awesome stuff is gonna be coming out from Myself soon as well as projects I have worked on for various other companies. Eyes peeled, I’m goin places 😉