Here it is folks! The final release of the new PBRack line for winter and just in time for the holidays! Above we have the two shirt designs which I was involved with for this line release.

First, the “Breathe Your Dream” tee which was designed completely 100% by myself and turned out pretty sick if I do say so myself. On par with designs coming from companies like Volcom (you guys better watch out, we’re comin for ya) and other skate brands. Wanted to go with a simple typographical look on this one and then amp it up with some nifty little line designs in the background.

Second, the “Smoking Fools Penguin” tee and Hoodie which were part of a collaboration between me and another PBRack designer. In this design we were looking to go with the ever so popular crest that everyone is wearing nowadays but with a different spin relating to the paintball industry that fits in perfectly with the PBRack style.

Personally, I cannot wait to rock both of these designs myself but to buy one yourself head on over to to get yours! And while you’re there, be sure to check out the other designs from the new line as well as the new PBRack Paintball Players Pants that are taking the industry by storm.

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