As most of you already know Dye is one of the leading manufacturers in paintball equipment nowadays and they just started a competition to see who can come up with the coolest looking design for their new Paintball Marker called the “NT”. NT stands for new technology so I felt I’d reflect that idea through the style of the design as it is both techy and new age while retaining the style that is unique to me and Nick Hammond Designs.

The winner receives the new Dye NT paintball marker anodized with their own design! But not unless they receive enough votes from the public. So here’s your chance folks to help us out at Nick Hammond Design and vote for this design (or others) to help choose the winner. Who knows, if this design wins, maybe Nick Hammond Design will have a custom Dye NT market to give away as a prize for one of its own competitions in the near future 😉 always givin’ back

Get voting by clicking the link below!
Nick Hammond Design X-Rated Dye NT marker design