Semester just ended and with the holiday season comes a time to relax. Finally I can take a break from all of the school projects as well as freelance stuff…but don’t fret because there are still a lot of awesome stuff in the works for Nick Hammond Design coming up soon!
Today I felt the need to not only post about my newly created portfolio (to which anyone can instantly connect and appreciate my works, network and anything under the sun) that can be found by clicking this link: Nick Hammond Design: Behance PortfolioBut I also felt the need to share a series of blog posts that I found extremely relevant to what I am currently doing with my career path in Graphic Design.

As most of you already know I am a huge twitterer (if that is even a word) and the other day I stumbled on various links all leading me to the same place. This place was a series of 3 blog posts by the kind people over at
The posts were entitled “How to become a self-made Graphic Designer” and were then broken down into 3 installments. After the initial title catching my eye I began reading and was extremely surprised and happy at the same time. These series of posts addressed almost every single issue I had encountered with trying to get a graphic design business up and running in the past 3 years…in only 3 blog posts. I had only wished I stumbled upon this inspiring information when I became interested in this career so long ago. That being said I would like anyone reading this that is interested in a design related field to read these posts because there is an incredibly large amount of information covered in such a short read and believe me… you’ll be happy you took that 5 minutes out of your day! Click the link and drop some feedback to me via the newly added comments box below 🙂 How to become a self-made graphic designer

if you’ve had the chance to read some of my other posts and like what you see, shoot me a message and maybe we can work together in the future!